Crane Modernization and Upgrades

Excel Industries specializes in overhead crane modernization and upgrades. When you upgrade or modernize your cranes, it can be an excellent way of taking your older equipment, and placing it at a whole new level of production. Just because the equipment is old, does not mean it needs to be replaced. With many of the modern components on the market, Excel can take your existing crane and find the application that best works for your production needs.

Modernization Factors in Overhead Crane Upgrades

There are many factors that go into modernizations, including the availability of parts for your older cranes and lead times to receive them. If parts are hard to come by and the lead times are too long, then we can suggest replacing the unit with a current model. Excel wants to make sure we help you make the right decision when it comes to your cranes. Here at Excel, we want to make sure you are 100% happy with any upgrade or modernization.

Common Overhead Crane Modernizations and Upgrades

Some of the most common upgrades or modernizations are remote controls system, frequency drives that replace contactors, gear box retrofits, braking systems, AC/DC controls swaps and structural upgrades. Excel can also refurbish complete cranes and hoists at our facility.

Crane Modernization